Tiny Bird Garden App Reviews

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Very cute game!

I like the art and the characters. :)


I love this game!!! It is cute fun and relaxing. There is so much you can do you will NEVER get bored. The graphics in this game are super cute and the music is awesome. I did find one thing though but I don’t know if it’s a glitch or an on purpose thing: Two of the same bird were in my garden at one time! I don’t think that is supposed to happen but I think it’s weird. If you need help finding favorites in his game then go to a web browser, type in the bird’s name and then tiny bird garden and search. The first thing that should come up is a website called Fandom. Click on that. It will tell you he birds favorites and all the other information about the bird.


this app never fails to make me smile! the sweet comments, silly hats and cute faces the birds make me very happy indeed. a surprisingly good app for people who need small reminders to take care of themselves. who would’ve thought? will continue playing this for a very long time.

Love the game

I love the game and all of the birds in the game, I like how they all have personalities that match their favorite treat/hat/toy and how some of them are related! The only bug is that sometimes there are two of the same bird in my garden, and my friends have had problems with getting the favorite treat to show on the bird bio.

A wonderful game but...

It would be absolutely lovely if the game was playable across multiple devices. You currently have to manually backup and download data every time you switch between iPad and iPhone. There is no auto sync :(

Adorable and Addicting

***UPDATED REVIEW*** The idea for this game is great! It’s adorable to feed all kinds of birds that have unique different personalities. The birds actually “communicate” with you and give you feathers to complete purchases. Very sweet! The premise here is to design a garden or several gardens. You can fill them with various toys. Awesome! You gain each birds love (hearts) by attaining their favorite things. Each bird has a favorite toy, treat and hat. You can really get lost in this game! It’s fun to refill the feeder and make friends with these tiny virtual birds! Very addicting!! I had some technical issues and app support has reached out to me and is working hard to resolve my issues. I’m very happy that they care enough to help me out! Great app, even better support, thanks!


This is such a sweet little app. The birds are adorable. I also like the fact that if I don’t use the app for a few days, nothing bad has happened to the birds!

Well designed, unique, and therapeutic

I love this app. It reminds me of Neopets days of taking care of little digital animals. It’s simple and so beautifully designed. I find it very therapeutic to check in on the birds while at work.

My new relaxing version of Facebook

This game is simple and relaxing. Whenever I have the impulse to check my phone I check this instead of the various social media options, and I am feeling much calmer for it. I wish there was room for more perches :)

Could Use More

What’s in the game currently is good and works great, but once all the birds are unlocked and befriended there’s not really much left to do. A daily reward for opening the game or even mini games would make the game a whole lot more appealing and a game worth coming back to even after completion. 🐥

Adorable and calming.

This is such a beautifully crafted experience. Thanks to the artists and developers that made it!

Love, love, LOVE!!! ❤️🐦❤️

I just have to let you know how much I love this game! I’ve never loved a game so quickly or been so happy to spend money on it! I really, REALLY love and enjoy it. It’s more of a window into a world of your own bird friends who are happy to see you than a game. You can really tell that a lot of care and effort went into its creation. There’s a lot of heart and sincerity at the core of this game, wrapped up in the most enjoyable and adorable birds ever!! It’s easy to see that the developers are the kind of people who like to see others enjoying what they’ve created, and I just want to tell you that I really enjoy and love it!! Please, keep up the great work! I would love to see more birdie awesomeness added in the future! I genuinely look forward to it! Don’t ever let this wonderful game loose it’s charm! I would love to see more gardens, especially ones that look like backyards. My favorite part is having these birds talk to me and tell me what’s going on in their little birdie world! Getting to know them is the heart and soul of the game and I love, love it! Down the road, could you continue to add more things they say and more mail messages? You’ve done an amazing job at creating not just individual birds, but unique, believable characters! I would so enjoy learning even more about these birds. I can’t get enough of them! I’d love to have them keep surprising me. Could you add a feature that saves all the bird photos you’ve taken of all birds to your device in one tap, then a second option to delete them all from the game albums (I love taking pictures of these guys and keep filling my albums!). Putting them in a custom album named “Tiny Bird Garden” on your device would be very helpful. I really enjoy the birds’ actions. Beyond cute! I would love to see more actions. Could you please include an iMessage sticker pack of the Tiny Birds? I think they’d love it - I know I would! I noticed this glitch: Sometimes birds visit and then leave without leaving any mail. Not very often, but once in a while it happens. This is absolutely one of the best games I’ve ever played. It makes me happy to interact with these birds, and it’s really rewarding to get an unexpected smile from the things they say and do. My purchase was money well spent! I can’t wait to see what’s added in the future! Thanks for making this wonderful game. I didn’t think so much happiness could be found in an app, but it can. It’s called Tiny Bird Garden! PS - I even get a kick out of reading the well-written and clever item descriptions! They’re pretty funny! From the bird bios to even the smallest item, every detail is sincere and heartfelt. Love it!

Cute and relaxing game

Non competitive games like these where you keep collecting and building things are quite common. What sets Tiny Bird Garden apart is the amount of love and thought put into all the wee birds, their personalities and back stories. The little details in the drawings of the birds and their characters is what keeps one coming back to play. I downloaded this game because I read the story of the creator on the App Store. Daisy, thank you for constantly keeping it positive! All the very best for your future endeavours.

Super cute!!!

This game is very fun and entertaining! Not to mention it’s super unique!


Love the game but wished it could let me know when my feeder runs out 💕

Kyah! *fangirls*

I really adore this game! It makes me so, very happy. I love that the birds are cute, the gardens are cute, and especially; The little, to-die-for hats! I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a cute little mug on their head, all day long! I also love the little references from animes and such sprinkled in there. Really. To me, it makes me thrilled to know that the creator isn’t some braindead hermit that doesn’t know what people are interested in. Some birds, and people, too, are very relatable. It’s cool to know that a little bird understands you. There is a bird for every personality. Definitely worth five stars~ I hope this will become a more mainstream game. <3


The mechanics of this game are very similar to a previously very popular cat-themed game, but there are some cool differences. The birds are all unique in both appearance and personality, and they leave reviews of your garden. The writing in this game is humorous and sweet-- these birds are my friends. I'm also a big fan of the gift-giving system, where you can give birds hats or treats. Since each bird has a personality, matching gifts with birds is a blast. I'm also a fan of the human characters, who provide help/tutorials and fun banter. Overall an excellently fun experience that I would recommend to anyone looking for a chill bird experience. The only thing I wish were different is that I find it a little hard to navigate the bird photos. The gallery is organized by bird. For me, the fun of taking photos is to save quotes from the birds, but I don't always remember which bird said what. I wish I could see the most recent bird photos instead of having to choose which bird the photo was of. I also wish the birds were displayed in alphabetical order.

Cutest Birds Ever

I downloaded this game after reading the inspiring feature on this gifted illustrator- (half of the 2-person app developer.) This game is Adorable. Adorable. Adorable! Looking forward to future apps & projects.


I love this game, I’ve had it for a week now and I’m constantly discovering cute new things about it. I really appreciate that the human characters have such positive things to say. Also the birds are just so adorable and there’s so many of them I can’t even keep track. Thank you, developers!!!

Add ability to scroll thru bird log?

This is a great, relaxing game. But there could be some improvements—for example, pointing out the difference between shiny and regular feathers during the tutorial—I didn’t realize they were different and spent all my shiny feathers! Also it’d be great if you could click an arrow to go through each of the birds in your journal once you have one selected, rather than having to exit out and click each one—it would make it a lot easier to check my birds’ hearts. Thanks and I really hope you see this!

Fun sweet and relaxing game

I love this app. The music is great and it’s not pushy or intensive. As I swipe through my phone throughout the day, I check in on MY birds to make sure they are okay. It’s so easy to earn things. You share with the birds and give you positive messages. It’s so enjoyable. It makes me smile. I really start to call them my birds, even though I don’t always see them, but you can tell they were there. I wish there were more whistles so I can interact with them more.


This is seriously the best app ever. I’ve never written a review before, but this game deserves it! The artwork and design is great! I love the concept. The game has a similar concept to Neko Atsume, but this one is 100% better. It brings me so much joy and the birds say such sweet things. This app spreads positivity and happiness. The birds say things like, “Loving myself is hard, but I’m working on it!” and other cute little phrases. The hats are adorable, and you don’t need to spend any money to get the full experience. Even the most expensive items are realistic to earn! The birds are so unique and cute. Would give 100000 stars if I could!!

Relaxing, stress reducing, fun!

I love this little game. The designer did a fantastic job at giving each part of the game so much character. It’s clear they are very talented. This game is stress reducing and relaxing and so much fun! Highly recommend. It keeps me entertained for hours ☺️


This game is simple yet amazing. It's relaxing. My favorite part about this game is being able to put hats on my birds. Trying to match them based on their looks or personality. One suggestion I have for this game is Can there be an option to remove a hat already given to a bird and use it for another?? Since it's kinda stressful to have another bird come in and I'm like "Freak this hat would be perfect for this bird but I already use it for another bird and I can't remove it." I don't like having to collect up on feathers to rebuy the hat that's already bonded to the bird's head like super glue XDD THANKS FOR READING AND OVERALL GREAT GAME!!

The Neko Atsume for bird lovers

It isn’t exactly like a clone of Neko Atsume but the point of the game is similar. Adorable graphics and gameplay. I only write reviews on games I either love or hate, and I love this one. Great job.

My dose of kindness

This game is extremely adorable and charming❣️Each bird is unique and has its own captivating story. I adore reading their descriptions and messages from them. They are super cute and make me want to “spread cheery-cheeries” 💗 However, I must say the game has some cons. First of all, it’s almost impossible to find birds’ favorites. I found only about 5 despite sometimes obvious (or bamboozling?😑) hints in the descriptions. I also can’t see the treats I gave birds, so there’s no way, except remembering or writing down (ridiculous, isn’t it) to find out what they already received. Secondly, earning feathers is really slow. I was sure that finding birds’ favorites would help me to get more feathers, but it turned out not to be so! Birdies with 2 hearts out of 5 don’t bring more feathers, than others :C the amount of feathers you get is absolute random and doesn’t depend on anything. Last, would be great if you added daily rewards or any other way to get more feathers. Wish you good luck and look forward to the improvements :>

So calming and endearing!

I absolutely LOVE this game! Each tiny bird has it’s own unique personality and they are just so sweet and charming. I find it to be very relaxing and calming to spend a few minutes feeding the birds and giving them little treats/hats based on their personalities. Definitely check it out!

Rlly cute!!

I didn’t even start the game yet,I like this because it looks cute and relaxing c:


This app is so beautiful and amazing every couple minutes I go on my app to check for little birds and BAM! There the are!the design is amazing! I get really stressed sometimes but this help so much! And the birds are ADORABLE!!!!!

It’s ok

There’s really no point to this game. You just buy stuff and wait for birds. I like it because it gives me something to do when bored. It would be cooler if you could interact with other gardens and gardeners.

This is awesome!

It’s such a cute, fun, beautiful, and friendly game! I love it. And I love the birds. And I love everything about it😂☺️!! But I particularly like that you can take or import pictures and then decorate them! When l found that part l was very surprised. I wouldn’t have expected something like that to be in the game. It’s very cool!👍 This game is random and fun. The credits are really very cool and fun. I love this game so very much and have no idea how you could improve it. If you like this game I recommend Animal Crossing:Pocket Camp. It’s a Animal Crossing game on the phone!❤️💜⭐️👍🙂


This game is so cute and fun! The birds are so cute the background is cute the stuff is cute... you get the idea. Get this game right now!!!

Not sure what I was expecting

To be honest I got this game only be cause of the blurb that i read on the App Store. The creators story reminded me of my own struggles with my job. But anyway, I didn’t know what to expect and once I got the game I felt a little let down. I guess I expected it to have more ‘game’ options but - this is a big BUT too - the more I go to the app the more I fall in love with these chubby little darlings. There is something so peaceful about the game that I just adore. The birds are adorable - like heart eyes adorable. They do little dances on their perches! It’s too freaking cute! And it’s just peaceful. So don’t get this game expecting it to be exciting and crazy. Get this game knowing it will be so cute and calming that you’ll fall in love with it more each time you play.

Good encouragement

For anyone who dislikes long tutorials, this game is very simple and so is the tutorial. However, I had to uninstall it the first time because I skipped the tutorial and couldn’t figure out how to feed the cute birbs without it. Throughout the game there are cute messages from the birds and from the NPC’s that can make your day. I am very much looking forward to new developments such as the potential for more characters because they are all great with their own amazing personalities.

So adorable and Calming!!!

I first saw this app a few days ago on the App Store home page. I downloaded it, not expecting too much, where I was then greeted by a vast world full of adorable birds!! I love all of the birds unique personalities, as well as the both cute and humorous accessories. I highly recommend for you to buy this if you need a nice game to help you feel happy and bubbly inside and out!! :)) <3

Perfect app

Me and my family love this app I recommend it to everyone

It’s addictive

The game makes me want to come back to see how many birds are in my garden. The stuff the birds say are lovely messages and they are so adorable! I like to open my mailbox to see the mail I received and buy new things with my feathers!

Not what I thought! Luv it

So I thought it was a game you go looking for birds I was a bit annoyed when I saw you have to wait I turned it of and came back later then I saw a huge amount of birds had came when I checked my mail! I turned it of for a minute and turned it back on and there were birds ! Love this game and I hope I can be a great game designer like you keep going!

Addictive and Fun!

This game has me star-struck with these wonderful animations and graphics! It so addicting and incredibly fun for all!

One of my favorite games!

I love that the birds are always visiting, even when you aren’t there. It’s so fun collecting feathers to try to buy cute new hats, toys, ands treats for the birds. I showed this to a few of my friends and we’re addicted. I also love the photo editing feature where you can add birds and stickers to your own photos. One thing I currently don’t like about the app is that when scrolling through something such as pictures, stickers, or mail, it is often to sensitive and I select something I didn’t intend to. I would also like it if you could make the birds smaller when adding them to photos.


This game is pretty much the same as and has the same mechanics as Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector, just with birds instead of cats.


Sadly just a knockoff of Neko Atsume but with birds instead of cats. I was really hoping for something cute and original, apparently that is too much to ask.

Can't stop smiling

I've never written a review before but this is just such a truly outstanding app. I can't stop going back to the app to see if there are any new birds, and whenever I have enough feathers it's fun to buy them gifts and hats, especially when you're able to get the special gift on their favorites list. Their unique personalities and stories along with the heartwarming messages never fail to make me smile, and the humans quirky traits and secret crushes make them no different. So much time and effort went into this, and I am beyond glad I found this gem of an app. My only suggestion would be that when the birds leave they leave longer notes, (if it fits their personality) and more feathers so I can buy them more treats when they visit. Thanks!

Is it possible to give more than five stars?

Where do I begin? This app is amazing. The animations are absolutely adorable. I love all the descriptions of the birds and that you’re able to buy and give them gifts and treats if you choose. I think it’s also so great that the guides in this game are very diverse. It’s beautiful to see that not just in apps, but anywhere! There are so many reasons to download this game. I barely scratched the surface. Absolutely no complaints. Thank you!


Makes me happy, ITS SO CUTE!!!!

Very Cute!

The art style is super cute, and I love how each human has personality and interests! I’m also a huge fan of birds, so that really sold this game for me when I was browsing the App Store ;P

I never write views but...

Been playing this game less than a day and already love it. Really wish that back button wasn’t so high up on my 7+ though.


THIS GAME IS SOO AMAZING!! I love the effort and gameplay! The character designs look super cute!! I cant wait to see what this game has to come.

Total copy...

This game must have been extremely easy to make! After all, all you had to do is download Neko Atsume and completely copy it only replacing cats with birds. Very disappointing, I hate it when people make games like this. 🙄

Adorable and fun!

I love this game! The simplicity and cute illustrative style is what I for in a perfect game. This game is so enjoyable to play and has no stress or hassles. It is fun and I love to see all the little birdies and also the people. I love how not only the people but also the birds all have different and developed personalities. Great game! My only qualm is that I wish you could put the hats on different birds instead of only one and you can’t change it. That’s it. 5 stars!

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