Tiny Bird Garden App Reviews

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Amazing game

I love this game so cute and fun.

Really cute!

I really like this game! It has a Neko Atsume vibe to it. The birds are adorable, and I like the selection of toys. The idea of giving treats and hats is great as well, I have fun buying those for each tiny bird! Also, the music is cute and upbeat haha. The only issues I have with this is game are that once in a while I’ll go out of a game with birds there, and when I go back into the game later, there are clearly different birds there, but I have no rewards? It may just be me missing something, lol! Also, with the auto option to place down toys, sometimes there’s a glitch and it’ll have me manually put down the paper bag or switch another toy for it, and then the game stops working altogether. A suggestion would be being able to scroll through the individual birds’ profiles in a more efficient way. What I mean by this is that when you click on a bird — e.g. Spirit — and it shows their profile, then also have an arrow/pagination ability. This way, it’s not necessary to constantly having to exit the individual profile and keep scrolling the pages to find a certain bird. Same thing applies with the bird albums — it’d be nice if when we clicked on an individual bird album from their profile that I don’t automatically go to the page with all their albums when I exit the album.

Love it!

I really love the game so far. However I have a small issue with the camera. I like to take pictures of new birds that come into my garden however having to constantly go back to the menu to get to the camera is troublesome. I was wondering if you all could make it so that when you take a picture you stay on the camera feature. That way I can take more pictures of the cute birds right away. Then you just manually get off the camera. Its still a lovely game ethier way!

This game intrigues me

The birds are cute and all, cute personalities, nice being able to interact more than you can with cats in Neko Atsume. They don’t have many interactions specifically for each object, however. There are in app purchases, but anything you can get there you can also get just from regular game play. The promo code bit is a cute idea as well. There are also human characters and everyday you talk to them will bring more dialogue. I think there’s some underlying plot of sorts. Will be mildly disappointed if that’s not the case.

Love Tiny Birds!

Great stress relieving game!!!! I love playing in my free time, and enjoy buying feathers for the tiny birds! Keep the great games coming!

Adorable Money Pit

First off let me say the idea of this game is great! It’s adorable to feed all kinds of birds with different personalities. The birds actually communicate with you and give you feathers to complete purchases. Very sweet. However, the premise here is to gain their love (hearts) by attaining their favorite things. Each bird has a favorite toy, treat and hat. Toys and hats are way overpriced and there’s NO WAY you’d find even 1/4 of the birds favorites of these things without spending well over $100. Every time you give a bird a treat there’s no log of what treats you’ve given that bird. It’s virtually impossible to find most of the birds favorite treats if your treating them with the same treats over and over. With all that being said this game is an adorable money pit. You’ll never complete the “overall objective” of what makes this “a game” and what keeps you using the app. Suggestions: Keep in mind children are attracted to this game and have no money. Lowered prices for toys and hats. A treat log for each bird.


This is the best game ever. I am so glad you ditched your sucker if a boss. I am so proud of you and this app. GIRL POWER 😎✌🏽 I love the little birds and their personalities. They remind me of little kids. They all have fun different personalities. This is an amazing game.✌🏽❤️

Tiny Birds is the best game!

I never review games but I went out of my way to review this one. I love it so much! It's beautiful, adorable, and flawless. I have an anxiety disorder and this game has been the perfect distraction from anxiety attacks. Thanks so much to the creator for creating a game that is not only fun but also increases the quality of my life. It's also very easy to play this game without spending any money (just make sure to refill your feeders often), but I'm considering purchasing some feathers just because I appreciate the game so much. I get a kick out of trying to find the perfect toy, hat and treat for each bird, and I'm glad it's not too easy to discover each birds' favorite. I can't wait for future updates! Love, a Tiny Bird Fan.

this game cleared my skin, watered my crops, raised my GPA,

this app is perfect. 10,000 stars please let me date josie

Please fix the game crashing

I really like this game, it’s kinda like neko atsume, but more involved! I’m having some problems opening it though. I’ve tried to open the app multiple times but it keeps quitting before it’s done loading. Please fix!! Update: I realized I was playing music while trying to open the app and that’s why it crashed. The game will open as long as I don’t have music playing in the background, but it would be nice if it worked regardless 😊

Everything was fixed!

Love this game so so much. It’s adorable and it really makes my day seeing what all the little birds have to say. Thank you for making this game.


I haven’t yet played this, but I keep seeing it on tumblr so I wanted to try!! It looks amazing!

I lost all my birdies and progress

Please fix I sad

This is just adorable!!!

I rarely write reviews but this is too delightful to pass up. I’m opening this app constantly throughout the day(plus, I have it on 2 devices. Ha!). The only thing I wish for - and this is NOT a gripe! Just a request. - I wish more space(or pages?) could be added in the photo albums. I’ve already filled a couple up. 😂 The lil’ birds are just so cute, I can’t resist snapping their pics. I would pay for additional photo albums spaces! Thank you Developers for such a sweet & beautiful treat in this time we live in. AND I so appreciate that you’ve set it up in such a non-intrusive way. I hate games that pester you to share to other social media. ❤️🐤🐦🐧❤️ Very well done!!!

cute game, get it already

First of all, let me say I love this game. It’s adorable. But for some reason it won’t open while I’m playing music on my phone. Please fix this issue!! Edit: has been fixed. love meeting all my birdie friends. 💞 thank y’all!


This game is super fun, also, in another update, please add the scrolling thing to move up and down so we can see, like, the name of a TB’s fave item. RN, 8:56 AM, 5/26/18, I have less Shiny feathers than rare feathers. Weird, right? -Review written by Greek demigod/Egyptian magician (Sadie Kane) 🙂


really fun and adorable! the currency the game uses is actually pretty simple to get, which is usually an issue with these type of games but youve done it very well! im not sure if this is a bug or not, but sometimes when i go to play an ad to get feathers, the button wont work. its not that frequent of an issue but i thought i should let you know :0

A sweet, positive little game.

I don’t think that I’ve ever reviewed an app, but this one is just so charming. If you enjoy Neko Atsume, you’ll enjoy this for sure—with the added benefits of dress-up and little bird dialogues, whether it’s commentary or a self-affirming mantra (to tuck away for when you’re feeling down). The designs are adorable. Earning feathers (the game’s currency) is easy, but I did throw some money in to support the developers. I hope they add more content and release new apps.


Update 1.1.2 fixes the crashes, and I’m so happy that I can play the game more than once a day now. It’s cute to see all the Tiny Birds. I like how little time it takes to check up on them.

Fast updates to fix major issues

great game, not a neko atsume clone, 5 stars for brilliance

Pretty cute

cute game, pretty much the bird version of neko atsume but cuter and with birds! so glad the newest update is compatible with audio playing from another app now!


i really love this game and how cute it is, but i have a couple suggestions :) 1) quests! i think that one of the characters could give out quests, like get a picture of a specific bird, or give a bird a treat/hat and you could get feathers as a reward! 2) a number by the bird in the picture category, so you can see how many pictures you have of a bird. i think it would make it a lot easier to know what birds you need pictures of :) okay that’s all for now, but i might add some later! this is suuuuch a cute game, and i think adding these things would make it seem more rewarding 💓

Super cute!

This game is adorable!! There were a couple bugs at first, but now works just fine :D

Absolutely Fantastic!

This game absolutely deserves all the love and attention it’s getting! It’s so calming and sweet, and I wish I could play it all the time! If you’re having a bad day I highly suggest playing this play this! All the tiny birds will be happy to have a new friend! Also I’m highly inspired by the creators of this game! 💕❤️💕

Game crashes

I love this game and would give it 5 stars except for the fact that when I try to open it from the home screen it pulls up a black screen as if it is going to pull up the game makers logo. Then it just goes back to my homes screen. The only way to fix this is turn my phone on and off. This is very inconvenient. Please fix the crashes and I will be a happy 5 star gamer.

Very cute, but...

Always crashes! I'm not sure why it does this? I tried deleting several apps, refreshing my phone, deleting and reinstalling the app... it doesn't seem to want to work! Extremely cute game though! Very cute graphics and characters! Hopefully the crashing will be fixed soon! :( Edit: After I left this review the crashes seemed to have been fix so that's good! It's a very cute game and I totally recommend it to everyone!

Good! Little issues

I never write reviews but I love this game very much. The only issue I have is when I’m using another app like while during a call or listening to Spotify, the game won’t load. Besides that it’s great game! Similar to Neko, but has a lot more features. Really love the art style too! Hope that gets fixed in an update. :3


The game was fun and all but when I downloaded a app it didn’t open. When I tried again it still didn’t and it crashed. All I have to say is fix the crashes and the game would be much better!

crashes when on FT or listening to music

one of my favorite apps, but it crashes whenever i’m on facetime or listening to music. it’s so frustrating :((

this game is so cute!!!!

its really cute and well designed and i love the little personal touches you can tell the designer put her heart into it

This game is ADORABLE!!!

I love this game!!! Those cute tiny birbs are soooooo cute!! There should be some special birds like how in Neko atsume there are special / rare cats. Also, one of the tiny birds, Emma, is exactly like me! I love to draw and my name is Emma in real life!! 🐥🐥🐥


The reason I’m rating this four stars is that it keeps crashing whenever I tap the app. It bugs me a lot whenever it does that, so please fix this! Otherwise, it is a very nice and simple game.

Give the people (me) what they want

Adorable and wholesome af only improvement would be a library option in the gardens pls and thank u


I just downloaded this app and I was so excited to play it but the app won’t open. Is this my phone or a bug that needs fixed?

NOT a neko atsume ripoff!

I absolutely love Tiny Bird Garden! I also love Neko Atsume. Yes, the core mechanics of the games are very similar, but the complete games are very different! Once you start to play this, you will see how unique and awesome Tiny Bird Garden really is! The tiny birds all have their own distinct personalities and preferences, and much more in depth than neko atsume. I love that I can dress up the tiny birds to fit their personalities. The four human characters in the game are equally unique and fun. (and even if this was “just a bird version of neko atsume”, some people like birds!) As a nonbinary person, I never really had representation either. I’m glad to see someone like you making games. We could really use more diversity. If I could give more than five stars, I would! I look forward to new games from you! (and hopefully updates with more tiny birds!)

A little confused

Feather trading is confusing. Both types of feathers look “shiny.” Also, it’s unclear if I’m getting or giving gold feathers or blue feathers. Please reword!

Keeps Crashing.

When it does decide to work, it’s very lovely, but usually the screen is black for a moment and then crashes back to the home screen.

Such a wonderful game for all ages

I don’t really play phone games but this one, while the pace is slow, makes me feel so happy. The whole concept is so well thought out and graphics are beautiful. I can’t wait to see how this beautiful game grows and evolves. Below are some thoughts I’ve had: More birds and everything else! I don’t want it to end. I Love this game I paid 20 shiny feathers for better seed mix but it doesn’t state clearly enough that it is only 3 refills or how much longer the seed lasts or if it makes birds give more feather when they eat it. Please fix It doesn’t really explain very well the point of adding hearts to birds. Sometimes I get a heart and I don’t know why (2 treats maybe?). I buy treats to guess a favorite but when I am wrong and I get the same bird later, nowhere does it say the last treat I gave them so I’d have to remember. Do treats cause birds to leave more feathers? Treats are all the same price, why are hats random prices? It doesn’t say how you find out a birds favorite toy. Do they have to land on it? Is it automatic that they land on their favorite if it is out? When you remove hats they should be accessible to other birds so you’re not buying the same hats over and over I keep adding to my review because I love this game so much. I just want to say THANK YOU for no ads! I mean truly thank you. My daughter can play this game safely without clicking ad screens every 10 seconds. I will be buying feathers to support this game.

Can’t play it because it crashes

I’ve gotten to open it maybe three times since downloading it about a week ago. It crashes the majority of the time so I can’t even play it. Not worth it.


Ok first of all it’s so cute and relaxing. Like I always play this when I’m stressed, and that’s a lot. Second the types of birds in this game... unbelievable! Third the characters are so cute. They talk to you and everything. Fourth the merch you guys have at your shop (irl) is so cute. EVERYTHING ABOUT THE GAME IS CUTE. ADORABLE. ITS MY EVERYTHING. And I hope to see later development in the game and also in your merchandise.

Current Bug

Every time I’m playing music and I try opening the app, the app itself crashes. I need to stop playing the music in order to open the app.

Great cute game

I don’t write reviews for games, but this one had to be the exception, it’s an incredibly cute and funny game to play.


I love this game so much, but sometimes i can’t seem to open it, it’ll be for a period of time and then it works again and the birds have changed so I believe a particular bird may be causing it?

I️ never write reviews, but I️ feel like this review is needed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Tiny Bird Garden. Ever since I got the app, I have been kicked out of it before it loads anything. I just did the most recent update that was called for “Hot fixes: Bug fixes”, or something like that, and I am still getting kicked out of it. Although, the time after I updated the app and went back on after the update, it let me on the app but it kicked me off after it loaded and everything. I hope that this is a fixable issue, but if not, there is no way for me to go on the app.

Game won’t open! (Updated)

I just downloaded it today and every time I try to open it, I get a black screen and it crashes :( I have an 8 plus and lots of space on my phone so I don’t think it’s a problem with my device. Update 1: With the app updated, my problem was fixed and the game is as cute and adorable as I expected! The birds are so cute and so are the characters! You don’t see a lot of games about cute birds so I’m happy to be able to play this one <3


The game won’t even start up? It opens to a black screen then instantly takes me back to the home screen.


Seems like a copy of another game and there was never any birds whenever I checked in. What’s the point?

Doesn’t even open up

I read the article on this and decided to buy it, but when I opened it, the screen turned black and it made me exit the app and back to my home screen. Probably a bug or something like that. Too bad, I was actually looking forward to to play the game.

relaxing, unique, cute, and worthwhile!

As someone who adores birds, I had to give my input on this game. Tiny Bird Garden is darling! It’s similar in concept to other idle pet games such as Neko Atsume, but has many features that make it truly unique. I love interacting with the birds and improving my garden, or talking to one of the four human characters while poking around the menu. While simplistic, there is nothing to complain about when it comes to the art and writing in this game. I recommend discovering all it’s elements for yourself, since it’s charm stems from experiencing the garden at a relaxed pace. Additionally, this is not a “pay-to-win” game. Non-intrusive banner ads are the only advertisement present in the app, and can be removed with any purchase (going as low as $0.99). And speaking of purchases, none need to be made to fully enjoy your gameplay. There is no exclusive content or drop in “productivity” when playing for free. (However, making a small purchase on this game does help support an indie developer!) Overall, this app earns all five of its stars! While it is not an educational birding game, it encapsulates the joy associated with backyard birding mixed with a bit of fantasy and humor, making it a great experience for all ages and interests. Thank you Super Retro Duck for this lovely game!

I love it, but it keeps crashing!

This game is a breath of fresh air. It’s so calming and serene, it just makes me feel happy every time I play it. But for some reason I can’t open the game anymore; it crashes every time I try to open it! Is anyone else having this problem? Is it a bug that will be fixed in the future?

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