Tiny Bird Garden App Reviews

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I love this game so much

It’s super cute and it’s like neko atsume But more interactive! Plus with the positive and loving comments from the adorable tiny birds is wonderful and heart lifting! Would suggest to anyone who likes relaxing and cute games!

Calm Game

Calm,Chill,Smooth, and Unique

Adorable concept.

Started playing the game about 1 week ago and I must say it’s adorable . The fact they have their own personalities and do things normal birdies wouldn’t do I’m sure, it’s super weird and cute. Plus they have the cutest hats ! My only downside and reason for the 3 stars instead of 5 is the back ground . No offense but it’s cheaply done. It’s washed out and should be more spacious from the start and look cleaner. It’s super zoomed in! I unlocked the birthday cake background to see if it would be better .. same deal . Super close can’t even tell if it’s a cake . Then we gotta spend 200 shiny feathers for the same washed out background to expand? Ehh. I’m not saying to change your style because it’s good but just not perfect for this cute game ! And the items look like they don’t even belong in the places where you allow them. They look so cluncky. Let us place them where we want instead and have our little friends drop more shiny feathers .. they being so cheap lately lol. Anyways, cheers !

Cute... However,

I love this app but if you guys would clean up the graphics when you have the recourses that would make a world of a difference.

Please make another!!!!

I loved this game, it's literally the best game I ever played. Please make another (no, not another tiny bird garden, a whole different game) because I think people will really like it! Thank you for for reading, take care!。◕‿◕。

LOL birds

I love the game it is so very good.No problem with anything!😀💙👍❤️🤗


i hsvent even started the game but this is the cutest thing thank u for my life

cute & therapeutic

i've only just ran through the tutorial but the art style is super charming and i love the accessory feature for the lil birdies<3 amazing game already

Only one thing

I absolutely LOVE this game. It’s cute and fun and unique. My only very tiny complaint is that the seed gauge doesn’t have a timer to tell when it runs out. I know the point is to check the game frequently so it doesn’t run out and that’s fine. I’m just in college and don’t have time to check it every 10 minutes.

Like Nemo atsume but better

Hi I love this game however I have a couple suggestions! My favorite part is how inclusive this game in, as it has nonbianary birds. You should add more birds that are on the LGBT spectrum! That would be amazing. Also it would be great if you could talk to the birds, and get to know them. Maybe you could be able to build relationships with them through selected dialogue conversations. This would help out your app users because then they could better select gifts and hats for the birds to play with because then they have a better understanding of their personality. The little paragraph about the birds personality is great, but it still isn’t enough to find favorite gifts and toys for them :) Thanks so much for making this amazing game though! It makes my heart happy to see this kind of inclusivity.

100% charmed (long review)

There's nothing not to love about this game! I've been playing for several months now, and it's still one of my favorites. The new update added newer and more challenging achievements, which promise many more months of entertainment. I especially enjoy the dialogue interaction with the human characters, I really hope that further updates will expand those too! All in all this is a great game to leave running in the background while you go about your day. Having a bad day? The tiny birds have speech bubbles that give you compliments and tell you to take care of yourself. This is the peak of technology right here folks. And to all those reviews complaining about this being a "knockoff Neko Atsume": Please have more respect for all the effort that went into this game. The only thing that is similar is the concept of befriending animals. All the art, programing, and fun features probably took a lot of time to make, and you're getting it for FREE. Be nicer to the people who put hard work into this cute game just so that you could see happy little birds! TL:DR Amazing cute game, many good birds, would absolutely recommend

Simply the best

Unparalleled tiny bird action!

Not all updates good

I never see birds in my garden anymore since updated. I know fewer are there because I get one third the amount of feather rewards. I go out and come back in but there are never any birds. If it does not go back to the way it was before there is no need for me to play.

No connection

Clues in conversation repetitive but have no connection to available shop items.

Harder to earn feathers?

I love this cute game but since this most recent update, it seems like the regular seed is lasting only half as long? I used to get around 300 regular feathers and at least a few rainbow ones on my extended garden between fillings, and now it’s less than 200, maybe even closer to 100, and sometimes no rainbow feathers at all, and the feeders seem to be empty much more quickly. It feels harder (and less fun) to play.

Really cute!

Update (09/12/18): Wow... MAJOR props to Tiny Bird Garden’s game developers. Most, if not all, my issues and suggestions were addressed! 1) The auto option to place down toys seems to no longer have the glitch where it’ll have me manually put down the paper bag or switch another toy for it, and then the game stops working altogether. 2) A pagination ability when looking at an individual bird’s profile was added as well which really helpful and a much efficient way to look at the birds! 3) Same thing applies with the bird albums — when I clicked on an individual bird album from their profile, now I don’t automatically go to the page with all their albums when I exit the individual bird album! Besides all that, I really like this game! The birds are adorable (I’m having a great time getting all the new birds, always loving the bird designs & names), and I like the selection of toys. The idea of giving treats and hats is great as well, I have fun buying those for each tiny bird! Also, the music is cute and upbeat haha.


The game itself is incredibly cute, and the story behind this app is just as sweet.

Yesssss the best!

Similar idea to what neko Atsume was, but better. Way better. Because BIRDS. I love giving them little cute hats to match their feather colors! And decorating in themes! I would love to see more birds and more hats! I love this app! And the creators are awesome and really cool people too!


This is a cute, friendly little game with lots of personality and I love it. I've been playing it since launch and it just gets better and better. It has a rare combination of visual art and design, writing, and game design that all come together to make a beautiful, warm, welcoming experience. I was expecting a Neko Atsume clone (and it *kind of* is, I guess, in that it's of the same genre) but Tiny Bird Garden has a different style and feel, as well as a lot more features (with still more being added frequently). Visually, the birds all use a similar template (which is super cute) but each has a distinctive design. The ability to read descriptions of the birds and other vital info in the journal that catalogues them really adds individuality, as does the ability to see what the birds are saying (humorously formatted as text as one might see on the internet rather than as natural spoken dialogue) and the comments they leave about your garden. Another great element the game has is the human characters who manage the various menus. They're a great crew and I like them a lot. They teach you about the game, but you can also just chat with them. They recently got a bunch of new messages to explain the new features in the bird journal, which I appreciate. They're a very cool and likable part of the game and I look forward to seeing a lot more of them in the future (in due time, of course). Another area where this game stands out is the items. There are toys to place in the garden to attract birds as one would expect and they are quite a large and creative assortment. Each has a description and, like all the writing in this game, they're a joy to read (I'm so grateful that I can get the descriptions to appear on toys I've already bought in this version! I couldn't figure out how before). There are also gifts you can give to birds to improve your relationship with them. The real innovation in this game, though, is the ability to give the birds hats and play dress up with them! This seemingly simple feature adds tremendous depth (and cuteness!) to the game. Suddenly there is much more reason for photo album feature; you need to record all your bird friends wearing their best hats posing on the toys in your garden, after all. Like the other items, the hats are clever, beautifully designed visually, and have fun written descriptions. It's a lot of fun to decide what hats best suit what birds from their looks, personality, and hints in the game. Which brings me to another of the game's most impressive and innovative features: the ability to add birds to images on your device! You can use this feature to take selfies with your bird friends or show them hanging out with your more physical friends. Again, it seems like a super simple idea but it provides a way to really engage and connect with the game and use it to express yourself, much as the wonderful folks who made it use the game to express themselves. The game does have some occasional bugs but they rarely stick around long, especially the actually game breaking ones. The Retro Duck folks seem to be hard at work all the time to make the game better in every respect. Recent changes include an almost totally rework of the journal with an expanded bird affection and affinity system (including hints at the birds' favorite things). They seem to have phased out the temporary, limited sales, which I appreciate despite having taken advantage of all of them when they were around. I feel like it must have been stressful to yet to come up with new stuff for them every month or two and even more stressful to keep it relevant to the birds. And on a personal level, the idea of missing out on cute hats or gardens or whatever for my bird friends stresses me out. The reward for watching an ad in game appears to no longer be random (it always gives me the "best" possible result). That's just off the top of my head. I'm sure there's loads of other stuff I've forgotten or just didn't notice. One final note: if you try this game and like it I recommend buying some feathers with money. It give the studio some cash more or less directly and removes the banner ads.


this game is so cute & makes me feel so calm & happy when i play. the birds say such sweet & adorable things. i love this game & each new update just makes it so much better & more exciting.

New birds!

I love this app, it’s such a cute way to spend some spare time! Although, the new bird ‘Thinkly’ is a bit... disconcerting to look at, to say the least.

I love it, but needs notifications

I love games like this, where you get to meet tiny little cute animals and buy things for them, etc. but I literally always forget to come back once the bird feeder is empty. I hadn’t opened the app for maybe like 3 weeks and then I remembered I had it. I recommend putting in cute push notifications to remind your users to come back. Maybe something like “Your bird feeder is empty!” Or “Your bird friends miss you!” Or “Come feed us!” Etc. It would be a perfect game if it just had push notifications to remind me. So yeah, please think about making that a thing 😊

Loving it.

I discovered Tiny Bird Garden because of Apple’s article about the developer’s story. It was a story I think people can’t help but stand behind. I picked up the game not long after. I spent a few bucks on feathers mostly to lose the banner ads. I have no regrets. Tiny Bird Garden is as fun as it is cute. I think it hits all the right notes. Tiny Bird Garden isn’t a typical download for me, but I’m glad I gave it a try.

Very cute game!

I like the art and the characters. :)


I love this game!!! It is cute fun and relaxing. There is so much you can do you will NEVER get bored. The graphics in this game are super cute and the music is awesome. I did find one thing though but I don’t know if it’s a glitch or an on purpose thing: Two of the same bird were in my garden at one time! I don’t think that is supposed to happen but I think it’s weird. If you need help finding favorites in his game then go to a web browser, type in the bird’s name and then tiny bird garden and search. The first thing that should come up is a website called Fandom. Click on that. It will tell you he birds favorites and all the other information about the bird.


this app never fails to make me smile! the sweet comments, silly hats and cute faces the birds make me very happy indeed. a surprisingly good app for people who need small reminders to take care of themselves. who would’ve thought? will continue playing this for a very long time.

Love the game

I love the game and all of the birds in the game, I like how they all have personalities that match their favorite treat/hat/toy and how some of them are related! The only bug is that sometimes there are two of the same bird in my garden, and my friends have had problems with getting the favorite treat to show on the bird bio.

A wonderful game but...

It would be absolutely lovely if the game was playable across multiple devices. You currently have to manually backup and download data every time you switch between iPad and iPhone. There is no auto sync :(

Adorable and Addicting

***UPDATED REVIEW*** The idea for this game is great! It’s adorable to feed all kinds of birds that have unique different personalities. The birds actually “communicate” with you and give you feathers to complete purchases. Very sweet! The premise here is to design a garden or several gardens. You can fill them with various toys. Awesome! You gain each birds love (hearts) by attaining their favorite things. Each bird has a favorite toy, treat and hat. You can really get lost in this game! It’s fun to refill the feeder and make friends with these tiny virtual birds! Very addicting!! I had some technical issues and app support has reached out to me and is working hard to resolve my issues. I’m very happy that they care enough to help me out! Great app, even better support, thanks!


This is such a sweet little app. The birds are adorable. I also like the fact that if I don’t use the app for a few days, nothing bad has happened to the birds!

Well designed, unique, and therapeutic

I love this app. It reminds me of Neopets days of taking care of little digital animals. It’s simple and so beautifully designed. I find it very therapeutic to check in on the birds while at work.

My new relaxing version of Facebook

This game is simple and relaxing. Whenever I have the impulse to check my phone I check this instead of the various social media options, and I am feeling much calmer for it. I wish there was room for more perches :)

Could Use More

What’s in the game currently is good and works great, but once all the birds are unlocked and befriended there’s not really much left to do. A daily reward for opening the game or even mini games would make the game a whole lot more appealing and a game worth coming back to even after completion. 🐥

Adorable and calming.

This is such a beautifully crafted experience. Thanks to the artists and developers that made it!

Love, love, LOVE!!! ❤️🐦❤️

I just have to let you know how much I love this game! I’ve never loved a game so quickly or been so happy to spend money on it! I really, REALLY love and enjoy it. It’s more of a window into a world of your own bird friends who are happy to see you than a game. You can really tell that a lot of care and effort went into its creation. There’s a lot of heart and sincerity at the core of this game, wrapped up in the most enjoyable and adorable birds ever!! It’s easy to see that the developers are the kind of people who like to see others enjoying what they’ve created, and I just want to tell you that I really enjoy and love it!! Please, keep up the great work! I would love to see more birdie awesomeness added in the future! I genuinely look forward to it! Don’t ever let this wonderful game loose it’s charm! I would love to see more gardens, especially ones that look like backyards. My favorite part is having these birds talk to me and tell me what’s going on in their little birdie world! Getting to know them is the heart and soul of the game and I love, love it! Down the road, could you continue to add more things they say and more mail messages? You’ve done an amazing job at creating not just individual birds, but unique, believable characters! I would so enjoy learning even more about these birds. I can’t get enough of them! I’d love to have them keep surprising me. Could you add a feature that saves all the bird photos you’ve taken of all birds to your device in one tap, then a second option to delete them all from the game albums (I love taking pictures of these guys and keep filling my albums!). Putting them in a custom album named “Tiny Bird Garden” on your device would be very helpful. I really enjoy the birds’ actions. Beyond cute! I would love to see more actions. Could you please include an iMessage sticker pack of the Tiny Birds? I think they’d love it - I know I would! I noticed this glitch: Sometimes birds visit and then leave without leaving any mail. Not very often, but once in a while it happens. This is absolutely one of the best games I’ve ever played. It makes me happy to interact with these birds, and it’s really rewarding to get an unexpected smile from the things they say and do. My purchase was money well spent! I can’t wait to see what’s added in the future! Thanks for making this wonderful game. I didn’t think so much happiness could be found in an app, but it can. It’s called Tiny Bird Garden! PS - I even get a kick out of reading the well-written and clever item descriptions! They’re pretty funny! From the bird bios to even the smallest item, every detail is sincere and heartfelt. Love it!

Cute and relaxing game

Non competitive games like these where you keep collecting and building things are quite common. What sets Tiny Bird Garden apart is the amount of love and thought put into all the wee birds, their personalities and back stories. The little details in the drawings of the birds and their characters is what keeps one coming back to play. I downloaded this game because I read the story of the creator on the App Store. Daisy, thank you for constantly keeping it positive! All the very best for your future endeavours.

Super cute!!!

This game is very fun and entertaining! Not to mention it’s super unique!


Love the game but wished it could let me know when my feeder runs out 💕

Kyah! *fangirls*

I really adore this game! It makes me so, very happy. I love that the birds are cute, the gardens are cute, and especially; The little, to-die-for hats! I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a cute little mug on their head, all day long! I also love the little references from animes and such sprinkled in there. Really. To me, it makes me thrilled to know that the creator isn’t some braindead hermit that doesn’t know what people are interested in. Some birds, and people, too, are very relatable. It’s cool to know that a little bird understands you. There is a bird for every personality. Definitely worth five stars~ I hope this will become a more mainstream game. <3


The mechanics of this game are very similar to a previously very popular cat-themed game, but there are some cool differences. The birds are all unique in both appearance and personality, and they leave reviews of your garden. The writing in this game is humorous and sweet-- these birds are my friends. I'm also a big fan of the gift-giving system, where you can give birds hats or treats. Since each bird has a personality, matching gifts with birds is a blast. I'm also a fan of the human characters, who provide help/tutorials and fun banter. Overall an excellently fun experience that I would recommend to anyone looking for a chill bird experience. The only thing I wish were different is that I find it a little hard to navigate the bird photos. The gallery is organized by bird. For me, the fun of taking photos is to save quotes from the birds, but I don't always remember which bird said what. I wish I could see the most recent bird photos instead of having to choose which bird the photo was of. I also wish the birds were displayed in alphabetical order.

Cutest Birds Ever

I downloaded this game after reading the inspiring feature on this gifted illustrator- (half of the 2-person app developer.) This game is Adorable. Adorable. Adorable! Looking forward to future apps & projects.


I love this game, I’ve had it for a week now and I’m constantly discovering cute new things about it. I really appreciate that the human characters have such positive things to say. Also the birds are just so adorable and there’s so many of them I can’t even keep track. Thank you, developers!!!

Add ability to scroll thru bird log?

This is a great, relaxing game. But there could be some improvements—for example, pointing out the difference between shiny and regular feathers during the tutorial—I didn’t realize they were different and spent all my shiny feathers! Also it’d be great if you could click an arrow to go through each of the birds in your journal once you have one selected, rather than having to exit out and click each one—it would make it a lot easier to check my birds’ hearts. Thanks and I really hope you see this!

Fun sweet and relaxing game

I love this app. The music is great and it’s not pushy or intensive. As I swipe through my phone throughout the day, I check in on MY birds to make sure they are okay. It’s so easy to earn things. You share with the birds and give you positive messages. It’s so enjoyable. It makes me smile. I really start to call them my birds, even though I don’t always see them, but you can tell they were there. I wish there were more whistles so I can interact with them more.


This is seriously the best app ever. I’ve never written a review before, but this game deserves it! The artwork and design is great! I love the concept. The game has a similar concept to Neko Atsume, but this one is 100% better. It brings me so much joy and the birds say such sweet things. This app spreads positivity and happiness. The birds say things like, “Loving myself is hard, but I’m working on it!” and other cute little phrases. The hats are adorable, and you don’t need to spend any money to get the full experience. Even the most expensive items are realistic to earn! The birds are so unique and cute. Would give 100000 stars if I could!!

Relaxing, stress reducing, fun!

I love this little game. The designer did a fantastic job at giving each part of the game so much character. It’s clear they are very talented. This game is stress reducing and relaxing and so much fun! Highly recommend. It keeps me entertained for hours ☺️


This game is simple yet amazing. It's relaxing. My favorite part about this game is being able to put hats on my birds. Trying to match them based on their looks or personality. One suggestion I have for this game is Can there be an option to remove a hat already given to a bird and use it for another?? Since it's kinda stressful to have another bird come in and I'm like "Freak this hat would be perfect for this bird but I already use it for another bird and I can't remove it." I don't like having to collect up on feathers to rebuy the hat that's already bonded to the bird's head like super glue XDD THANKS FOR READING AND OVERALL GREAT GAME!!

The Neko Atsume for bird lovers

It isn’t exactly like a clone of Neko Atsume but the point of the game is similar. Adorable graphics and gameplay. I only write reviews on games I either love or hate, and I love this one. Great job.

My dose of kindness

This game is extremely adorable and charming❣️Each bird is unique and has its own captivating story. I adore reading their descriptions and messages from them. They are super cute and make me want to “spread cheery-cheeries” 💗 However, I must say the game has some cons. First of all, it’s almost impossible to find birds’ favorites. I found only about 5 despite sometimes obvious (or bamboozling?😑) hints in the descriptions. I also can’t see the treats I gave birds, so there’s no way, except remembering or writing down (ridiculous, isn’t it) to find out what they already received. Secondly, earning feathers is really slow. I was sure that finding birds’ favorites would help me to get more feathers, but it turned out not to be so! Birdies with 2 hearts out of 5 don’t bring more feathers, than others :C the amount of feathers you get is absolute random and doesn’t depend on anything. Last, would be great if you added daily rewards or any other way to get more feathers. Wish you good luck and look forward to the improvements :>

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